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Cheeses and Meats

Homemade Cheeseball - a family staple.
A time-honored tradition made from a mix of spices & sharp and creamy cheeses.  The recipe has been a hit at family functions for generations.
Tillamook Cheddar - Medium
Farmer owned in Oregon made with simple ingredients and family tradition.  Pairs with all meats, stone ground mustard, and fig jam.
Made fresh from rBST free cow's milk in Wisconsin, this Italian-style Parm is aged for over 10 months to develop the sweet, nutty flavor.  Pairs with just about everything.  Go ahead, get creative.
Sliced Brie - Fromage D’affinois
A delicious double cream french cheese with a silky smooth taste that will change the way you think about brie.  Pairs with our fig spread, fruits, honey, and prosciutto.
Pecorino Moliterno
Rich and salty with a strong bite.  A sheep and goat milk cheese with full, rounded flavors and a firm buttery texture.  Aged 5-8 months.  Paris with fig jam, honey, olives, prosciutto, and salumi.
White Cheddar Cheese Curds
Wisconsin drafted from fresh cow's milk, these curds are rich and creamy with a mild cheddar flavor (gluten-free).
Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda
The gold standard gouda.  Smooth texture, robust flavor, beautiful protein crystals with bourbon and caramel undertones.  A staff favorite.
Smoked Pepper Jack - Carr Valley
Wisconsin made, creamy white cheese with red and green jalapeno peppers.  Gently smoked for a unique taste (gluten free).
Havarti Cream Dill
Buttery flavor with tangy fresh dill.  A great match with fruits, veggies, and wine.
Marble Jack Blue
Semi-soft cheese and Monterey Jack texture, it is beautifully marbled with blue veins woven through the white curd, creating a distinct, mild blue cheese flavor
Boursin – Non Dairy
Certified plant based cheese features a delicious combination of garlic, parsley and chives, cold-blended in a dairy-free base made from coconut oil.
Cheddar Cranberry Chipotle
Young cheddar studded with cranberries and streaks of chipotle peppers. The sweetness of the cranberries is balanced by the smokey spice of the chipotle.
Columbus Sliced Salami Trio - Calabrese, Italian Dry & Peppered
Extra-lean pork with added garlic, cracked black pepper and wine-slow aged for mild soft texture.  Pairs with cheddar, pepper jack, gouda
Columbus Prosciutto
Highest quality fresh hams, hand rubbed with a hint of salt and then air-dried.  Pairs with parm, gouda, fig spread, dried fruits.
Fontani Sliced Pepperoni
Select Pork and Beef cuts, classic pepperoni flavor with a balance of sweet, savory, and spice.  Pairs with parm, gouda, cheddar, stone ground mustard
Cittero Hot Capicolla
Slow-roasted pork shoulder, flavorfully coated with paprika and spices for a perfect balance of heat and flavor.  Paris with parm, gouda
Rosemary Ham
Pairs with cheddar, stone ground mustard
Mild Chorizo 
This all natural dry cured pork sausage is seasoned with sweet smoked paprika and garlic.  Pairs with manchego, parm, gouda.