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About us

Lori and I started our lives in the Mahoning Valley when I was moved here for a job promotion. While I liked my job, and Lori loved the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom, we both longed for something more in our professional lives. We wanted to have control over our destiny.

With that in mind, in late 2006 we decided to max out our credit cards to take a chance on a growing franchise called Edible Arrangements. Many members of our family told us that we were crazy for starting a concept in Youngstown that was just “fruit on a stick,” but we believed in the product and the brand. Fast forward 16 years, and the Edible Arrangements in Youngstown is the most successful location in the history of the franchise system.  

Throughout this entrepreneurial franchise journey, we have learned one unshakeable fact – this community takes care of businesses that operate the right way.

While Lori and I loved being a part of Edible Arrangements, we felt that it was time to branch out from our franchisee mindset and build something of our own creation.  Edible Arrangements will always hold a special place in our hearts, but we decided that it was time to foucs on a brand that was solely ours.  As of November 6, 2023, Lori and I have sold all of our Edible locations and are completely engrossed on building the best charcuterie board business in the country.  Our experience has allowed us to thoroughly understand the world of gifting, and we are self-proclaimed “foodies” that have a deep passion for cooking, eating, and working with quality ingredients.  All this is what led us to our newest endeavor – Boards to Gather Charcuterie.

Boards To Gather products will be unlike what you may be used to in the Mahoning Valley. We are not a business that offers or dabbles in Charcuterie Boards – We ARE a Charcuterie Board business. This is what we do, and who we are. We have been working over the past year to source the best meats, cheeses, vegetables, crackers, chocolates, dips, and treats that can all be creatively placed on a Charcuterie Board. In addition to the finest products, our Boards are made of compostable palm leaf in a factory staffed completely by women. You will find many of our dry goods have been sourced from sustainable manufacturers to minimize our carbon footprint while still delivering an upscale and special guest experience. We are even using EVs to deliver our products to guests.

We are building cutting-edge technology to make the ordering process easier and create a guest experience that provides rewards and simplicity throughout the ordering process. Whether it be an online, mobile, or in-person visit to the store, the guest experience is our top priority.

At Boards to Gather, we believe that we should all “Celebrate Togatherness”.

Togatherness is the state of being close to other people in all situations to find joy in any occasion.

While not all situations are joyful, at Boards to Gather, we believe that with the right perspective, joy can be found in an occasion, and our products can help in that process. Food brings people together, and it is our mission to bring people “togather”.

We are truly looking forward to getting TOGATHER in 2024 with a community that has been so fantastic to us through our time in the Mahoning Valley. We hope to see you soon.